Sometimes, static video surveillance systems just don’t cut it with expansive, ever-changing locations. Here at LockDownProtection, we understand that, which is why we carry LDM Mobile Units for interested customers. With mobility and multiple perspectives available through the unit, customers can properly survey and monitor vehicle parking lots, construction sites, neighborhoods, and other large areas today.

Remotely watch over, as well as prevent crime, using simply your smartphone, tablet, or laptop today with one of our LDM Mobile Units.



  • Auto tracking smart motion HD pan tilt zoom 30X

  • Remote access via smart phone, tablet, or laptop

  • Five 4.0 MP high definition varifocal cameras

  • Remote activated siren (160db)

  • Hidden LCD screen for quick reviewing and viewing

  • 360 surveillance coverage

  • 4 Speakers 100 Watt each

  • Two way audio communication

  • Built-in wireless internet

  • GPS location tracker

  • 30 day storage 

  • Back-up battery system (can operate for 24 hours without power)

Security on-the-go

perimeter alerts


LDP Perimeter Alerts is our newest way to keep you protected against aggressors. If there is any movement across your perimeter, alerts will be sent to your smartphone notyfying you know of the interaction. The alert will also play back the video on your phone, in real-time. Instead of waiting for the criminal to enter the property, know that they are on the move hundreds of feet before something happens.


LockDownMobile have partnered up with NightHawkMonitoring to better protect the things you care about the most. With our innovative systems installed, NightHawkMonitoring can monitor your site in real time to not only protect your property, but to prevent the crime from ever occurring.

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